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Mr. Neeraj R. Bhatnagar, is a dedicated Rotarian engaged in extending community services both at the club and at his own level, to the upliftment of the economically weaker sections of the society with special emphasis on the girl child, and has been supporting the cause of the women development.

He has also been running a society for the development and welfare for women and children, since last eight years under the name & style of society for promotion of women and child welfare ( ).

His efforts are also being supported by his wife, who is successfully running an ISO 9000 accredited modern pathological diagnostic laboratory, since 1991, by providing free tests to several poor patients, who visit Delhi for treatment.

Founder Mr. Neeraj Bhatnagar


Neeraj R.Bhatnagar

Founder Mr. Neeraj Bhatnagar

Mr. Neeraj R. Bhatnagar, is a Mechanical Engineering Graduate, pass├ęd out in 1977, comes from a family of engineers, served the Indian industry for about seven years in various capacities, and gained valuable and inclusive experience pertaining to Industrial, Marketing, Financial and Management Consultancy such as Project identification, Planning and Implementation consisting of Technology Transfers, Market Surveys, Preparation of Techno - Economic Feasibility Reports, Sourcing of Plant & Machinery from India and abroad, Debt Financing from Financial Institutions working with leading engineering and accountancy firms.

Mr. Bhatnagar, at a prime age, started his own Business and Strategy Consulting firm known as THE CORPORATE PROFILES in 1986, from a small room with a borrowed typewriter. He made a letter head along with a LOGO, giving his business a very professional outlook. The basic strength and success emanated from his visionary thinking and attitude by first knowing and understanding the intricacies and needs of the consulting business, which is authentic data collection, collation and dissemination, and above all availability at an arms length 24/7, he then started his own in-house library, maintaining a store-house of technical, financial, regulatory and commercial information and subscribed to a variety of both National & International government and trade related magazines and journals related to different disciplines.

Mr. Neeraj, being far sighted and principled, applied for accreditation in 1988 to “The Industrial Development Bank of India” (IDBI), the then apex Financial Institution of India, and got it in the same year. The firm got enlisted in the directory of Industrial Consultants maintained by the financial institutions viz. IDBI, IFCI and ICICI and state level financial corporations/institutions.

He has been deeply involved with the growth of the Indian Industry, since 1977, at the time of several restrictions and state controlled manufacturing and development activities. But, these restrictions turned out to be a great advantage, laying down a foundation for the growth of the Indian Engineering and Manufacturing capabilities in all positive ways under the then infamous “Phased Manufacturing Programme”, wherein, an entrepreneur had to setup manufacturing facilities to indigenize various imported components over a period of 5 years. These programs gave a boost to Indian Manufacturing Capabilities, of which, India is today reaping the fruits.

All the clientele developed till date have been through his own efforts belonging from various strata of business and government departments both in India and abroad representing INDIAN CORPORATES, FOREIGN EMBASSIES / MISSIONS, GOVT. DEPTTS., NEW GENERATION ENTREPRENEURS and FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES.

Mr. Bhatnagar, having more than three decades of rich and varied experience in INDIAN and GLOBAL business consulting of PROJECTS, MARKET RESEARCH, HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT and setting-up JOINT VENTURES, delivering growth focused STRATEGIES & SOLUTIONS to assist the EFFORTS and ENDEAVORS in implementing new projects anywhere in India or Globally through several customized services, has successfully guided and provided Business strategic consultancy to several companies from Japan, South East Asia, Europe and the Americas in entering the Indian market. Few of these companies include Matsushita, Tanita, Mitsubishi Elevators, Tanita, A.O. Smith, Papa Johns’ – Pizzas, Macawber –Clde Group, Ideal Seatings, VTS Clima, NGK and several others.

He has operated in several industrial verticals including Oil and Gas, Automobiles, Light Engineering, Plastics, Forgings and Castings, Textiles, Floriculture, Healthcare and Agriculture.

Having a very visionary and holistic approach in arriving at business strategies, he has successfully planned and implemented several new projects setup for the first time in India.

He is an able communicator with an aptitude & zeal to create and implement innovative approach to diverse projects with proper synchronization and effective transformation of them into action are his Basic priorities.

Founder Mr. Neeraj Bhatnagar

“Sun” never sets on “The Corporate Group”

During these years, he has traveled abroad extensively for Joint Ventures, Sourcing of Plant & Machinery etc. and have developed good knowledge of several industry segments with Projects and Research experience and capabilities, and has delivered growth focused strategies and solutions enabling clients to:

  • Respond to changes in market dynamics quickly,
  • Reach target markets successfully,
  • Communicate effectively across National and International borders,
  • Globalize Brand equity,
  • Ensure Global competitive edge,
  • Develop an Internal Marketing System