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Wind Energy
Solar Energy
Hydro Power
Oceanic Energy

World Class, Customised Energy Solutions

"To be known across the world – as one platform for strategies and solutions in doing business anywhere in the world"

Natural GAS Sector

GAS Sector

Natural gas is a versatile source of energy, which can be used by different actors. Heating and electricity generation have been the main traditional uses. Increasing environmental concerns may lead to a greater use of natural gas in transportation.

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Energy Sector

Industrial Sector

  • Business Advisory Services
  • Demand assessment survey in different cities and states covering:
    • Piped Natural Gas in domestic + industrial + commercial (as per guidelines)
    • Compressed Natural Gas in vehicles sector
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Energy Sector

“ENERGY” is the lifeline of Human existence. We all have to develop, nurture, manage and conserve it today for ourselves and the future. Identifying most adaptable Technology singularly or in combinations of Wind, Solar, Cogeneration

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“Sun” never sets on “The Corporate Group”

Founder Mr. Neeraj Bhatnagar

During these years, he has traveled abroad extensively for Joint Ventures, Sourcing of Plant & Machinery etc. and have developed good knowledge of several industry segments with Projects and Research experience and capabilities, and has delivered growth focused strategies and solutions enabling clients to:

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